Some Short Articles in Defence of Easter

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The Christian faith is profoundly rational. The Cross answers our deepest moral and existential needs. The case for the resurrection of Jesus Christ depends on various well-supported facts:  that Jesus’ followers believed that they had seen him alive again; that they believed he had been resurrected; and that his tomb was empty a few days after his death. Not one of these facts is supernatural in character and each can be established by normal historical methodology. The cumulative case for a faith based on the events of the first Easter is powerful and compelling. These articles explain why.

Can We Trust the Gospels?

Chinese whispers and the reliability of the Gospels 

Are the Gospels Reliable?

Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

Extraordinary claims do not require extraordinary evidence

We can believe in miracles

A quick summary of the case for the resurrection

Can an historian believe in the resurrection? 

An in depth case for the resurrection

The apostle Paul provides important eyewitness testimony for the resurrection

The first disciples discovered Jesus’ empty tomb

We can’t use conspiracy theories to explain away the evidence

“Contradictions” in the resurrection accounts

 Strange events in Matthew

What did we need saved from?

Jesus died for nice people

Jesus died for the irreligious

Jesus died for the religious

Jesus died for the apathetic

Why did Jesus die?

The Cross answers our need for significance and meaning

The Cross offers us  forgiveness

The Cross is God’s answer to suffering

Who Was Jesus?

Is Jesus God? The testimony of the Gospels

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