Atheism’s New Clothes

Atheism’s New Clothes: Exploring and exposing the claims of the New AtheistsAuthor:David GlassPublisher: IVP / Apollos (18 May, 2012) – see the page on the publisher’s websitefor more details.

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‘With consummate analytical skill and scrupulous fairness, David Glass demonstrates that the emperors of the New Atheism have no clothes … a must read addition to the growing literature on the science–religion debate and the intellectual defence of Christianity.’
John Lennox, Professor of Mathematics, University of Oxford

In recent years, the publication of best-selling books by Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens has given rise to the New Atheism. For the New Atheists, belief in God is a delusion because it is based on faith rather than evidence, and because science has removed the need for God; and it is a dangerous delusion because it is responsible for much of the suffering throughout the world. These characteristics distinguish New Atheism from other forms of atheism.

Drawing on recent work in the philosophy of religion, David Glass addresses the issues raised by the New Atheists, responds to their objections, and presents a positive case for Christian theism. He shows that the New Atheists fail to engage seriously with the best theistic arguments, and that science, far from undermining belief in God, provides some of the best reasons for such belief. His valuable analysis also explores how faith and reason interact; miracles; the relationship between religion, morality and evil; the possibility of revelation from God; and the historical value of the Gospels and the reality of the resurrection of Jesus.


Atheism’s New Clothes is a unique introduction to the philosophy of religion. David Glass insightfully presents a wide range of cutting-edge themes as raised by the New Atheists, and he both carefully analyzes and fairly assesses their arguments. In doing so, he not only draws on the work of leading theistic philosophers of religion, but he builds a solid case for Christian theism as rationally sound, evidentially supportable, explanatorily powerful, and existentially relevant.
Paul Copan, Professor and Pledger Family Chair of Philosophy and Ethics, Palm Beach Atlantic University, West Palm Beach, Florida; author of True for You, But Not for Me and Is God a Moral Monster?

This is the essential one-volume rebuttal of the New Atheists. David Glass carefully examines their arguments and offers comprehensive answers. Because it covers so much ground and is written in a clear and accessible style, this book deserves to be read by everyone who has been challenged by Dawkins, Hitchens and the other polemicists against religion.
James Hannam, author of God’s Philosophers

The New Atheists assert that belief in God, and particularly in the revealed God of Christianity, is illogical and (unlike science) not based on evidence. In this book, David Glass argues cogently that Christian faith is very much underpinned by sound evidence and it is the New Atheists who display a tendency to ignore evidence, once outside their immediate spheres of expertise. Those who feel threatened by the strident, and at times arrogant, tones of the New Atheists will find much here to support them in giving reasons for the hope that is in them.
Alan Hibbert, Emeritus Professor of Applied Mathematics, Queen’s University Belfast.

David Glass gives a sustained, measured, and carefully reasoned but ultimately devastating critique of the arguments and rhetoric of the present day cult of new atheism – a real joy to read.
Rodney D. Holder, Course Director, The Faraday Institute, St Edmund’s College, Cambridge; author of God, the Multiverse, and Everything

In this lucid and engaging book, David Glass explores the Achilles heel of the arguments of the New Atheists, the supposition that the phenomena of the physical and living world are – at least in principle – explicable in exclusively materialist terms. On the contrary, the most recent developments in our understanding of the cosmos and the workings of the mind would suggest the great metaphysical questions of reason and purpose are as compelling as ever. A timely and fascinating book.
James Le Fanu, historian of science and medicine, social commentator, columnist for the Daily Telegraph; author of Why Us?

With consummate analytical skill and scrupulous fairness, David Glass demonstrates that the emperors of the New Atheism have no clothes. This book, which is both scientifically and philosophically informed, is a must read addition to the growing literature on the science–religion debate and the intellectual defence of Christianity.
John Lennox, Professor of Mathematics, University of Oxford; author of Gunning for God and God’s Undertaker

In a time of hype, bluster and rant by new atheists and their critics alike, it is a genuine pleasure to find David Glass’s calm and thoughtful intervention in a debate too frequently marked by much heat and little light.
David N. Livingstone, Professor of Geography and Intellectual History, Queen’s University Belfast; author of Darwin’s Forgotten Defenders and Adam’s Ancestors

The New Atheists are certainly vocal, but are they also reasonable? In this remarkably accessible book, David Glass exposes their frequent failure to understand what they attack, meticulously assesses their arguments, and then goes beyond critique to present a many-sided positive case—scientific, historical, and philosophical—for Christian theism. No other work on this subject combines such wide scope with such consistently high quality.
Timothy J. McGrew, Professor of Philosophy, Western Michigan University; co-author of Internalism and Epistemology and author of ‘Miracles’ in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy; Director, The Library of Historical Apologetics

For too long, atheists have been trying to claim the intellectual high ground and dismiss the credibility of Christianity. David Glass has provided a comprehensive and coherent rebuttal of the claims of the new breed of atheists. Well-researched and engagingly written, his analysis blends academic rigour with wider accessibility. The pretentious bluster of many of Christianity’s critics is exposed for what it is and a thoughtful and clear presentation of the grounds for Christian faith explained. A helpful description of the nature of faith, engaging with some of the great theologians and philosophers, provides a balanced approach to using evidence in religious thought. Glass provides exemplary use of the hard sciences and historical studies to show how faith can integrate evidence in a coherent way. Not only a contribution to academic thought, this is an excellent aide to contemporary apologetics.
Chris Sinkinson, Moorlands College; author of Confident Christianity

This book represents Christian apologetics at its finest. David Glass’s grasp of the material is both broad and deep and very impressive; there is no aspect of the New Atheism which is left unexamined. Whilst always fair to his opponents we are treated to a tour de force which is second to none. This is a clear, accessible, well-reasoned critique of Dawkins, Hitchens, Dennett, Harris et al. and a positive presentation of the credibility of the Christian faith.
Melvin Tinker, Vicar of St John, Newland, Hull; author of Reclaiming Genesis

Glass clearly and comprehensively deconstructs the arguments, assertions and attitudes of the New Atheism whilst building a robust positive case for Christian theism.
Peter S. Williams, author of A Sceptic’s Guide to Atheism and The Case for God


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