Scientific Naturalism and the Argument from Consciousness

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What is Scientific Naturalism?

Scientific naturalism, or strict naturalism, is the view that the spatio-temporal universe of entities postulated by our best current (or ideal) sciences, particularly physics, is all there is (Moreland, 2012, p.284) This world-view aims to provide an event-causal, scientific account of how everything has come to be and a general ontology in which the only entities which exist are those which bear a relevant similarity to those which would characterise a completed form of physics (Moreland, 2012, pp.282-285).

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Coronavirus and Christianity: Part 2 – Coronavirus and the Crucifixion

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In part 1 I explored some difficulties with several common responses to the question ‘Why does God allow coronavirus?’ and suggested that while we cannot explain why God has allowed so many deaths and cases of COVID-19, Christians believe that God can bring great good out of great evil and suffering. In response to the sceptic’s claim that God couldn’t have any reasons for allowing the suffering from COVID-19, I would suggest that God in his infinite wisdom may have reasons that we in our finite, limited perspective cannot fully grasp. Nevertheless, when we think about God’s purpose for human beings, we begin to see at least some of the ways in which God could bring good out of the current situation.

Note, however, that while such a response might call into question the sceptic’s claim, it also raises a lot more questions. It is one thing to say that God can bring good out of evil and that he could have reasons for permitting the suffering, but will he and does he? And even if God does have such reasons, where is he? People are suffering and dying and God seems to be absent. Can we have any confidence that God cares?

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