New Atheism

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 “In a radio conversation I suggested to Richard Dawkins that his simplistic rhetoric generated more heat than light. Dawkins agreed and Graham Veale shows why. In

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szkeley boating lovers


1)      When the Bible says “it is not good for man to be alone” it is not suggesting that Adam merely lacked a romantic partner! Sex is about so much more than the satisfaction of our romantic longings. Adam

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dawkins and krauss

Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss are due in Belfast to answer questions about their film ‘The Unbelievers’. Surely not in Northern Ireland? Isn’t this the last bastion of the Evangelical Faith in Europe? It seems unbelievable to some. Yet both

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poussin Noli me tangere

Ehrman, Crossley and the Resurrection

Recently I’ve been reading some material on the resurrection of Jesus by two biblical scholars, James Crossley and Bart Ehrman.[i] Both are sceptics and make many similar points in their attempts to argue that

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Richard Dawkins ran into quite a bit of trouble after announcing that it would be ‘immoral’ not to abort an unborn child who had Downs Syndrome. “Dawkins-bashing” has become too easy to be very interesting; yet his comments bear a

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The Pleasure Principle

Alas, most of the English speaking is now aware of Richard Dawkins’ infamous tweets on the morality of abortion after pre-natal screening for Down’s Syndrome. Alas and alack, few will be aware of his more considered musings, which were

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