New Atheism

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 “In a radio conversation I suggested to Richard Dawkins that his simplistic rhetoric generated more heat than light. Dawkins agreed and Graham Veale shows why. In

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Numerous twitter feeds and blogs reliably inform us that Richard Dawkins ‘no longer speaks for atheism’. I am quite sure that no person or organisation ever spoke for atheism, or ever will. Nonetheless, even atheists who once praised “The God

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Design and the Multiverse

Saints and Sceptics
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Scientists have increasingly become aware that the universe is ‘just right’ for life. If any one of a number of features of the universe had been even

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Debating Darwin

David Glass and Graham Veale

See also: The Design Argument from the Living World

Christians seem to be obsessed with evolution. After a talk on science and faith to a group of Christians, you can be fairly sure that one of the first questions will

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The Almighty

Jewish history records that Alexander Janneus had 800 of his enemies crucified at his palace while forcing them to watch the execution of their wives and children. The King and his concubines dined and cavorted together as they watched the

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Searching for Evil

Graham Veale

Google lives by a simple mantra: ”Don’t be evil.” This is both a simple, informal company motto and the guiding premise of a code of conduct for all company employees and board members. Unpacking its meaning a little, the preface to

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