New Atheism

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 “In a radio conversation I suggested to Richard Dawkins that his simplistic rhetoric generated more heat than light. Dawkins agreed and Graham Veale shows why. In

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I Think – Therefore I Phone?

The fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye

OK. So I like Apple – computers, that is. I use Apple products, they work and I like the design: the sleek aluminium, the ‘Space Grey’

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inflation wikipedia

Some naturalists have argued that the progress of science has worked to strip away God’s role in the world. Cosmologies in which the universe does not have a beginning seem to undermine the doctrine of “creation ex nihilo”; some cosmologists

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Graham had a great discussion with Nick Peters about New Atheism on the Deeper Waters podcast. We cover the historical Jesus, the design argument, fideism, the meaning of faith, evangelical preaching, evolution, Flying Spaghetti Monsters, Blind Watchmakers, 747 Gambits and

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John Lennox in Belfast

Saints and Sceptics

Leading Christian apologist Prof. John Lennox will be leading a training day on the topic ‘Sharing Hope’ at Glenabbey Church on Saturday 18th October. For registration details click here.

Prof. Lennox is also the main speaker at a Workshop

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Should Apologists Embrace Intelligent Design?

David Glass and Graham Veale
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In one sense, of course, all Christians believe in an intelligent designer. However, there are different reasons why they hold this belief. Some Christians are sceptical of design arguments, but still believe in God as creator and designer of the

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