New Atheism

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 “In a radio conversation I suggested to Richard Dawkins that his simplistic rhetoric generated more heat than light. Dawkins agreed and Graham Veale shows why. In

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Advent Awe One: Stir Up Sunday

Saints and Sceptics
nativity Barocci

“Stir up, we beseech thee, O Lord…”

C. S. Lewis is a well known and much quoted Christian apologist, and rightly so; what may be less known, however, and what seems to be less quoted, is his poem, An Apologist’s

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Reason Rally (Wiki Commons)

In a recent article on this site, we’ve argued that evolution doesn’t undermine belief in God, that the truth of Christianity doesn’t stand or fall with the theory of evolution, and that Christians really shouldn’t get so worked up about

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Degas New Orleans

The Belfast Telegraph is Northern Ireland’s National Newspaper; we know it locally as ‘The Tele’.On perusing a copy recently I came across this column by Robert McNeil, and noted this subsection.

Faith a serious business

Plague, flood and famine no

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expansion of universe

There is a popular perception that there is an inevitable conflict between science and belief in God. This idea is often assumed in discussions about science in the media and is promoted by some prominent scientists who are also atheists

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Has Science Explained Away God?

Saints and Sceptics

In a recent article in the journal Theology and Science, David Glass and Mark McCartney explore the claim that science can explain away God. The article entitled ‘Explaining and Explaining Away in Science and Religion’ (available for download here or

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