elgreco the agony in the garden

The Christian faith is profoundly rational. The Cross answers our deepest existential needs. The case for the resurrection of Jesus Christ depends on various well-supported facts:  that Jesus’ followers believed that they had seen him alive again; that they believed … Read more

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This is a talk that was given at Banbridge Academy Scripture Union.

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saint paul preaching

1. Just as theology flows naturally from worship and confession, apologetics is the natural outcome of evangelism. At some point the Christian moves from proclaiming the Gospel to persuading the unbeliever; once this move takes place, the Christian has … Read more

The Resurrection: What Paul Saw

Saints and Sceptics

The testimony of the apostle Paul for the resurrection of Jesus Christ is often overlooked or misinterpreted. Some allege that Acts and Paul’s letters suggest that Paul had a vision or hallucination on the road to Damascus. Others argue … Read more


1) We cannot directly observe another creature’s consciousness, and we cannot measure or quantify conscious experiences. If we could describe every physical fact about a bat’s brain in every detail, we would still not have a description of what … Read more