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The Fact of the Resurrection and the Faith of Historians

Ehrman, Crossley and the Resurrection

Recently I’ve been reading some material on the resurrection of Jesus by two biblical scholars, James Crossley and Bart Ehrman.[i] Both are sceptics and make many similar points in their attempts to argue that there are no good grounds for belief in the resurrection.

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Some Short Articles in Defence of Easter

The Christian faith is profoundly rational. The Cross answers our deepest moral and existential needs. The case for the resurrection of Jesus Christ depends on various well-supported facts:  that Jesus’ followers believed that they had seen him alive again; that they believed he had been resurrected; and that his tomb was empty a few days after his death. Not one of these facts is supernatural in character and each can be established by normal historical methodology.

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Rationality, Evidence and The Virgin Birth

Is it reasonable to believe in the Virgin Birth of Jesus?

Of all Christian beliefs, none is more likely to be ridiculed and dismissed as a legend than the virgin birth of Jesus. Saints and sceptics alike might be able to agree about certain aspects of Jesus’ life and even have a reasonable discussion about whether the facts relating to the aftermath of Jesus’ death support belief in the resurrection, but typically there is little or no common ground when it comes to the virgin birth.

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Six Poor Reasons for Rejecting the Miraculous

Christian theology affirms a number of miracles, most importantly the atonement, the resurrection, the incarnation and the virgin birth. The secular mind dismisses these as tall-tales and myths produced by superstitious, pre-modern minds. However, it seems to us that the modern prejudice against miracles is not very rational.

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David Hume, Miracles and the Speculations of The Spectator

In a recent article in the Spectator, Matthew Parris writes:

I wish I were a religious conservative: the field’s wide open. It must be dispiriting for believers to encounter so little intelligent support for belief. It’s certainly infuriating for us non-believers, because there’s hardly anyone left who seems capable of giving us a good argument.

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