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Assessing Contradictions in the Resurrection Narratives

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A common objection raised by sceptics when considering the plausibility of the resurrection is the alleged inconsistencies inherent within the accounts themselves. Were there two angels or one; did the women witness an earthquake or had it occurred before they arrived: exactly which women turned up at the tomb that Easter morning anyway?

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Some Short Articles in Defence of Easter

The Christian faith is profoundly rational. The Cross answers our deepest moral and existential needs. The case for the resurrection of Jesus Christ depends on various well-supported facts:  that Jesus’ followers believed that they had seen him alive again; that they believed he had been resurrected; and that his tomb was empty a few days after his death. Not one of these facts is supernatural in character and each can be established by normal historical methodology.

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The Case for the Resurrection

To begin, we must be entirely clear on what the case for the Resurrection is not. No one is arguing that some historically reliable documents report a resurrection, and that we should therefore believe that a resurrection occurred. Rather, the historical method is used to establish certain facts, and a miracle is inferred as the best explanation of those facts.

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