Good Question, Quick Answer: Suffering and Evil#2

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Q: How can you believe in God when there is  so much evil in the World?

This is probably one of the most difficult questions a Christian can be asked. A brief answer can make three points.

First: the problem of evil argues that a good God would have had no reason to create mankind. Evil so outweighs good, it would have been better if Earth was as lifeless as the moon. Can anyone seriously believe that this is the case? Wouldn’t that entail that we wish that Earth was lifeless? Are there no grounds for believing that our suffering can be redeemed and defeated?

Second: we can choose to have faith because the alternative is to admit that grief is not rational. If atheism is true we are the insignificant consequence of  meaningless processes. We would have to concede that love is not stronger than death. We would lose all hope of justice and redemption; yet, can we live without hope?

Third:  the Father gave his only Son; God the Son has suffered for us and with us. The torture and murder of the innocent Son of God would seem to be the greatest evil imaginable. Yet God raised him from the dead. God is great enough to bring good out of the Crucifixion. The evidence of the resurrection gives us a certain hope that God can end all suffering and heal all wounds.

In other words: we believe because a light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overwhelmed it.

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