1st July (3:15pm) – ‘Do Science and God Compete?’, Seminar at Summer Madness festival, Glenarm Castle, Co. Antrim.

7th May (9:30am & 11:30am) – Conversation on science and Genesis with Gilbert Lennox, Glenabbey Church, Glengormley.

30th April (7pm) – ‘Is Christianity Credible in an Age of Scepticism?’, Newcastle Presbyterian Church.


2nd April (7pm) – Q&A session, Crescent Church, Belfast.

26th March (7pm) – ‘Why is God’s existence not more obvious?’, Crescent Church, Belfast.

7th March (5:30pm) – ‘From the Big Bang to Artificial Intelligence: Do Science and God Compete?’, Convocation Lecture, Ulster University.

17-20th November – Series of events in Ballyclare, N. Ireland as follows:

20th November (6:30pm) – ‘Defending belief in God in a doubting world’ – Ballyclare Presbyterian Church.

19th November (9am) –  ‘No God? Does it matter?’ – breakfast at Ballyclare Presbyterian Church. Call 028 93340302 if you would like to attend.

17-18th November – Talks at Ballyclare High School and Ballyclare Secondary School.

9th October (8pm) –  ‘There’s Probably No God. Now Stop Worrying and Enjoy your Life’ – Talk at Sceptics’ Corner, Duncairn Arts Centre, Belfast.

26th September  – Talk on ‘Atheism’s Last Stand – a Worldview in Trouble’ at 7:30am at a breakfast at the RDS in Dublin organized by Agape. Contact

4th July – Seminar on ‘If God exists, why doesn’t He show Himself more clearly?’ at Summer Madness festival, Glenarm Castle, Co. Antrim.

12th June – Sermon on Matthew 27:62 – 28:15 at the Crescent Church, Belfast.

17th May – Seminar on ‘Science, God and Ockham’s Razor: Can Science Explain God Away?’ at the Faraday Institute, St. Edmund’s College, University of Cambridge.

20th March – ‘True Christianity – Meek and Mild or Intolerant and Divisive?’ – Talk at Sceptics’ Corner, Duncairn Arts Centre, Belfast.

2nd February – ‘Are Science and God Compatible?’ – Organised by Christians in Science Ireland and Trinity College Dublin Christian Union. 7pm at Joly Theatre, Trinity College, Dublin.

24th January – ‘Science, Faith and Miracles – Is belief in the supernatural delusional?’ – Talk at Sceptics’ Corner, Duncairn Arts Centre, Belfast.

29th November (7pm) – ‘New Atheism Part 1: Science, Faith and Evidence’ at Fitzroy Presbyterian Church, Belfast.

6th December (7pm) – ‘New Atheism Part 2: Jesus, the Gospels and the Virgin Birth’ at Fitzroy Presbyterian Church, Belfast.

18th October (8pm) – Talk at Sceptics’ Corner, Duncairn Arts Centre, Belfast.

23rd September (7pm) – Debate on ‘There is No Reason Whatsoever to Believe in God’ at the Literary and Historical Society, UCD, Dublin.

13th September – Talk on ‘Is God Good? A Look at the Old Testament’ at the Crescent Church, Belfast.

22nd August – Seminars on Science and Christianity at QNOW, an event organised by IFES Ireland and Reality 316 in Portrush.

6th August  – Seminar on ‘God, Science and the New Atheism’ at New Horizon, Ulster University, Coleraine Campus. See here for details.

‘There is a God’ – a debate at the Literific Society, Queen’s University Belfast.

Public lecture on New Atheism at the McNeill Theatre, Larne Leisure Centre.

Seminar on New Atheism at West Church, Ballymena. This was part of an apologetics training day led by Prof. John Lennox on the topic ‘Has Science Buried God?’

‘Does God Exist?’ – A debate between Michael Nugent, chairperson of Atheist Ireland, and David Glass at the Courtyard Theatre, Ballyearl, Newtownabbey.

‘Science, God and the Flying Spaghetti Monster’ – Seminar at the Summer Madness festival, Glenarm Castle, Co. Antrim.

Lecture on New Atheism at Reality316, Portrush.

Talk on New Atheism at Lowe Memorial Church, Finaghy, Belfast

Talk on ‘God, Santa and Flying Spaghetti Monsters’ at Glenabbey Church, Glengormley