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Desperation and the Luxury of Doubt: Lessons from Job

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When God wishes to increase our suffering he sends us theologians.

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The Trinity and the God of Love

Many commentators have viewed evangelicalism’s general support of Kim Davis with a good deal of suspicion. It seems to be a clear case of fundamentalists circling the wagons to shelter one of their own. Indeed, conservative Christians who defend religious liberty are generally seen to be protecting their own self interests.

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10 Things You Need to Know About the Bible and Slavery

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“The ideal type of the slave is the socially dead chattel, ripped forcibly from organic ties of kin and community, transported to an alien environment there to be treated as merely a piece of property or as a factor of production to be used and abused at will, an animate tool or beast of burden with no sense of self other than that allowed by the slave owner and no legal, let alone civic, personality whatsoever.

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God, Evil and Animal Suffering

Most responses to the problem of evil focus on the problem of human suffering. This article argues that the problem of animal pain requires a different response than a problem of evil which focuses on human suffering. There are as many “problems of evil” as there are animals who have endured pains (a vast number, according to contemporary science).

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The Fact of the Resurrection and the Faith of Historians

Ehrman, Crossley and the Resurrection

Recently I’ve been reading some material on the resurrection of Jesus by two biblical scholars, James Crossley and Bart Ehrman.[i] Both are sceptics and make many similar points in their attempts to argue that there are no good grounds for belief in the resurrection.

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