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Can Christians Contribute to a Secular Democracy?

Government always involves an element of coercion. Absolute pacifists are taxed to pay for aircraft carriers, environmentalists for nuclear power stations. Yet democracy depends on citizens treating each other as rational decision makers; our laws are meant to be built upon consent rather than coercion.

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Seven Things You Need To Know About Faith

The “Unbelievable” Radio Show and Podcast is always worth listening to. Anyone who wants to understand the width, length and depth of the gap between popular culture and the Church should listen to the debate  between Professor Timothy McGrew and Dr.

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Why “Atheism +” gets a B-

Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris imply that religious faith is the root of all evil. That sets  a simple goal for New Atheists – remove religious faith from politics, the academy and the public square, and the world will be set to rights.

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How Open is the Secular Mind?

Why Politics Needs Religion: the Place of Religious Arguments in the Public Square. Author: Brendan Sweetman (IVP Academic: 2006) Reviewer: Graham Veale

Secularism is the new orthodoxy in British politics; our politicians cannot, must not, and shall not “do God”. The Prime Minister might mention that God is important to some people; but not so important that theology could have a role in public policy.

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The Roots of Tolerance

The End of Secularism Author: Hunter Baker Publisher: Crossway (2009) Reviewer: Graham Veale

In 2002 Susan Pace Hamill, a former tax attorney and Professor of Law at the University of Alabama, decided to attack her state’s tax code in the Alabama Law Review.

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