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A Brief Thought on Atheism, Morality and Magicians

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When Christians argue that God is the true foundation of moral values, atheists often give the same response as illusionist Derren Brown. First, they insist that they have a robust moral code; and then they suggest that the Bible (or the Koran) is an inadequate source of moral rules.

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Four Reasons Christianity Hasn’t Been Explained Away

The New Theism

The rhetoric of the New Atheism is so extreme that their arguments are often lost in the resultant “trolling” and “twitter wars”. This is a shame: there are many secularists who do not want to eradicate religion, but who nevertheless accept some of the central claims of the new atheists.

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Seven Things You Need To Know About Faith

The “Unbelievable” Radio Show and Podcast is always worth listening to. Anyone who wants to understand the width, length and depth of the gap between popular culture and the Church should listen to the debate  between Professor Timothy McGrew and Dr.

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New Atheism’s Moral Meltdown (Part 1)

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Coyne’s Abject Failure

A little while ago, Jerry Coyne  replied to our critique of his approach to ethics. We’re not at all convinced by Coyne’s response, which essentially reduces to a rant about religious fundamentalism. Let us restate our case for the sake of clarity.

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New Atheism’s Moral Meltdown (Part 2)

One Coyne with Two Sides?

Read Part 1 here 

In our original article we wrote “Of course, [Coyne] believes in moral obligations and the significance of the individual.” It seems we were much too generous, for his commitment to moral reality is far from clear.

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