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Scientific Naturalism and the Argument from Consciousness

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What is Scientific Naturalism?

Scientific naturalism, or strict naturalism, is the view that the spatio-temporal universe of entities postulated by our best current (or ideal) sciences, particularly physics, is all there is (Moreland, 2012, p.284) This world-view aims to provide an event-causal, scientific account of how everything has come to be and a general ontology in which the only entities which exist are those which bear a relevant similarity to those which would characterise a completed form of physics (Moreland, 2012, pp.282-285).

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Jerry Coyne on the Incompatibility of Science and Religion: Part 3

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Having looked at Jerry Coyne’s attempts to show that there is a conflict between science and religion, I now want to look briefly at what he has to say about Accommodationism, which he characterizes as “claiming that science and religion are not in conflict”.

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – Has New Atheism grown old?

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“Mirror, Mirror on the wall”. Most of us will have heard the story. Yet if by some obscure chance it has happened to pass you by, it goes something like this:

In a land not unlike our own, a beautiful queen reigns supreme, secure in the knowledge of her own unassailable, if isolated, beauty.

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The Strange New Religion of Christian Atheism

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There comes a point in the story of The Silver Chair (C.S. Lewis) in which the adventurers are almost overcome by an enchantment cast by the Queen of Underland. To the smell of a sweet green powder burning on the fire and the soft intonations of a mandolin the Queen repeats a lie,

“There is no Narnia, no Overland, no sky, no sun, no Aslan.”

Then, while the Prince and children slumber, the aptly named Puddleglum speaks to the witch onher own terms: let us assume that you are correct; let us assume the worst.

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10 Things You Need to Know About the Bible and Slavery

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“The ideal type of the slave is the socially dead chattel, ripped forcibly from organic ties of kin and community, transported to an alien environment there to be treated as merely a piece of property or as a factor of production to be used and abused at will, an animate tool or beast of burden with no sense of self other than that allowed by the slave owner and no legal, let alone civic, personality whatsoever.

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