Q: You don’t believe in miracles, do you?

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Yes. And here, in short, is why.

 The two key words when talking about miracles: impossible and unusual. Are miracles impossible? No. If God exists then it is possible that He has acted in history. Are they unusual (in the sense that they do not occur frequently)? Yes.

 Science does not say that miracles cannot happen. Science does say, however,  that miracles would be rare. The behaviour of the universe is predictable, so we have a good understanding of the laws that govern the Universe. But, on occasion, God could feed new information into the laws. He could add something new, to bring about an event which normally does not happen in the day to day running of the Universe.

So lying behind my belief  that miracles are possible is the belief that God exists. You might want to query that belief in a separate conversation. But if God does exist, then it is  reasonable to believe that miracles can happen.

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