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Is Theism Meaningless Wordplay? A Reply to the Courtier’s Reply

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PZ Myers responds to the learned criticisms of Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion with a parable:  ‘The Courtier’s Reply’ It refers to an episode that takes place after the events narrated in  ‘the Emperor’s New Clothes’:  the fable in which a young boy embarrasses an Emperor who dresses in magical clothes made from an invisible fabric.

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Sins and Misdemeanours

The secular world has taken great exception to the Christian doctrine of sin. Yet as GK Chesterton pointed out, ‘sin’ is one theological doctrine for which we have empirical evidence.  Humanity’s capacity for evil presents us with a dilemma. Either we have fallen immeasurably far from God, or there is no God.

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“McAtheism” Roundup

Updated: 30th August 2013

Our article “Dawkins, Krauss, Craig and a Difficult Week for McAtheism” seems to have been vindicated by the comment of Dr. Rachael Kohn, moderator of the discussion between Krauss and Craig at Sydney

I do feel that publically presenting a dialogue, which is an exchange of ideas for the purpose of edification, must abide by some ground rules.

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Krauss, Craig, Dawkins and a Difficult Week for McAtheism

By this stage, the dogs in the street should know that New Atheism has no particular intellectual force; it can only impress those who share its naïve secularism. Over the last week, however, even secularists have noticed that the New Atheism might be a threat to civil discourse.

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Q: You don’t believe in miracles, do you?

Yes. And here, in short, is why.

 The two key words when talking about miracles: impossible and unusual. Are miracles impossible? No. If God exists then it is possible that He has acted in history. Are they unusual (in the sense that they do not occur frequently)?

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