Christians, Evolution and God: Articles and Resources

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From Ken Ham to Tim Keller, from William Lane Craig to Hugh Ross and Francis Collins, Christians seem to be fascinated by evolution. After a talk on science and faith to a group of Christians, you can be fairly sure that one of the first questions will be ‘Is it possible to be a Christian and believe in evolution?’ Fortunately, the answer is simple. Francis Collins, Tim Keller and host of other Christians including both scientists and theologians believe in evolution, and so it follows, obviously enough, that it is possible to be a Christian and believe in evolution. But presumably what the questioner means is ‘Should Christians believe in evolution?’ Granted, Christians can and do believe it, but should they?

We’d like to emphasize that Christians shouldn’t get so hung up on this question. It’s not that those involved in Saints and Sceptics aren’t interested in this topic; some of us are very interested, others less so. Also, we’re a fairly tolerant bunch, as evangelicals go – so we just don’t think it’s crucial for Christians to hold any one particular view. And while Christians might ask “how did God create the universe?”, to our minds the much,much more fundamental question for modern people is “did God create the universe?” As Christians we are very good at focusing on questions that are only of interest to our own subculture and poor at  responding to questions asked by outsiders. If we are interested, in communicating the Christian message to those outside the Church it’s time we started thinking about their questions, not just our own.

These articles explain why we can be sure that God created the universe, no matter how he did it.

Science, evolution and design: 12 Quick Points 

Six Things Evolution Can’t Explain

Is Creation Compatible with Animal Suffering

Debating Darwin

If evolution is true,  is atheism true?

Do Dawkins’ computer programmes make atheistic evolution believable?

How many Earth-like planets could evolution occur on?

Should Apologists Embrace Intelligent Design?

The Design Argument from the Living World (advanced)

Evolution, Atheism and Human Reason (advanced)

Science, Evolution and Consciousness (advanced)

Why the “Who Designed the Designer” Objection Fails (advanced)

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