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The Evidence for God: Morality

[Updated 02/02/15] Is Morality Objective? God and Moral Values God and Human Value Theism and the Rationality of Morality God and Moral Commands Conclusion

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Jewish history records that Alexander Janneus had 800 of his enemies crucified at his palace while forcing them to watch the execution of their wives and children.

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Scientific Naturalism and the Argument from Reason

This article outlines the “argument from reason” against scientific naturalism and for theism.

1 What is Scientific Naturalism?

Scientific naturalism, or strict naturalism, is the view that the spatio-temporal universe of entities postulated by our best current (or ideal) sciences, particularly physics, is all there is (Moreland, 2012, p.284) This world-view aims to provide an event-causal, scientific account of how everything has come to be and a general ontology in which the only entities which exist are those which bear a relevant similarity to those which would characterise a completed form of physics (Moreland, 2012, pp.282-285).

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