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Scientific Naturalism and the Argument from Consciousness

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What is Scientific Naturalism?

Scientific naturalism, or strict naturalism, is the view that the spatio-temporal universe of entities postulated by our best current (or ideal) sciences, particularly physics, is all there is (Moreland, 2012, p.284) This world-view aims to provide an event-causal, scientific account of how everything has come to be and a general ontology in which the only entities which exist are those which bear a relevant similarity to those which would characterise a completed form of physics (Moreland, 2012, pp.282-285).

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Should Apologists Embrace Intelligent Design?

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In one sense, of course, all Christians believe in an intelligent designer. However, there are different reasons why they hold this belief. Some Christians are sceptical of design arguments, but still believe in God as creator and designer of the universe as part of their Christian faith.

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