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If You’re Happy and “Science” Knows It You Get to Live

Richard Dawkins ran into quite a bit of trouble after announcing that it would be ‘immoral’ not to abort an unborn child who had Downs Syndrome. “Dawkins-bashing” has become too easy to be very interesting; yet his comments bear a little more reflection because his prejudices are very common in our secular age.

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Three Reasons to Admire Dawkins

Numerous twitter feeds and blogs reliably inform us that Richard Dawkins ‘no longer speaks for atheism’. I am quite sure that no person or organisation ever spoke for atheism, or ever will. Nonetheless, even atheists who once praised “The God Delusion” are now  quick to point out that they will continue to tell their children fairy tales, that they do not believe that rapes can be graded according to their severity and that they think it is perfectly moral to chose to have a child with Down’s Syndrome ( and heaven help us if we now have to make that clear!) For those of us who do not even see much by way of persuasive argument in “The God Delusion”, it is all to easy to forget that there are many reasons to admire Richard Dawkins.

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Debating Darwin

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Christians seem to be obsessed with evolution. After a talk on science and faith to a group of Christians, you can be fairly sure that one of the first questions will be ‘Is it possible to be a Christian and believe in evolution?’ Fortunately, the answer is simple.

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The Evidence for God: Morality

[Updated 02/02/15] Is Morality Objective? God and Moral Values God and Human Value Theism and the Rationality of Morality God and Moral Commands Conclusion

See also: Is the Moral Argument Unbelievable?

Jewish history records that Alexander Janneus had 800 of his enemies crucified at his palace while forcing them to watch the execution of their wives and children.

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Are “The Unbelievers” Unbelievable?

Graham features on the “Unbelievable” show on Saturday 3rd August, discussing the film “The Unbelievers” with its director and producer Gus Holwerda.*

You can also listen to the show on the “Unbelievable” site  (which has many useful links about the film) or download the MP3 by following this link: Review of The Unbelievers

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