Around the Web – What You Might Have Missed #1

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With constant ‘tweets’, ‘feeds’, ‘pokes’ and ‘likes’ it’s easy for a surfer to get caught up in a heady rush of new and exciting ideas. There are  already excellent summaries of the latest online resources on Christian website. So, we thought it would be nice to have a place that links to interesting, informative and thought provoking material that often gets overlooked in the weekly round-ups or that gets forgotten as the weeks drift by. Check out our first sample below:

This might be the strangest book review that I’ve ever read, but its argument is interesting: religious violence is a secular myth.

Evangelical churches have struggled to stop the flight of men from their congregations. One response could be to endorse cage fighting and spend more time preaching about sex. Evangelicals Now, however, has  posted an interesting article by Christopher Sinkinson which suggests a more thoughtful approach.

You are unlikely to have missed this testimony of an unlikely convert, but her story and advice cannot be heard enough. (audio)

Richard Burridge is something of a legend in New Testament studies, and these short interviews on the nature and historicity of the Gospels are well worth listening to. (video)

Atheist and journalist Brendan O’Neill made intelligent and articulate comments  to the House of Commons Select Committee on Marriage (Same Sex Couples).  The video is worth watching, both for O’Neill’s arguments and to witness the venom that rushes to the surface when the “political” class get scratched (video)

Mark L. Strauss, New Testament scholar and author of the well received Four Portraits, One Jesus, argues there are some  facts about the first Easter that are undeniable (video)

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