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XX, XY, XXX: Articles on Sex, Marriage and Unfashionable Beliefs

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Evangelical Christians have some explaining to do. The secular world does not understand our commitment to “traditional values” which seem quaint, obscure and oppressive. When we’re worrying about the rise of online pornography, the prevalence of cohabitation or the legalisation of ‘gay marriage’ we are portrayed as prudish, judgemental and moralistic.

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Around the Web#11: Suffering and Evil

Sceptics (and Saints, if we are honest) often ask the question: why does a loving God allow suffering? If he was loving , the sceptic says, then he would NOT  allow people to suffer in this way; if this is your God then we can’t believe in him.

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Tim Hawkins and Milton Jones: Sometimes Laughter is the Only Apologetic

Comedian Milton Jones has given  brief, well reasoned defence of the Christian faith on the Guardian’s Website. Anyone who has read his ”10 Second Sermons”will know that he is an unusually thoughtful Christian, who puts more thought into a quip than some writers put into an essay.

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Around the Web: Weird Laws and Genocidal Tribes

The Old Testament creates a number of puzzles. For example, what should we make of the strange laws in the Torah? Christopher JH Wright gives an insightful answer in this article, explaining how we can learn to love Leviticus. Richard Hess illuminates the world of the Old Testament in these articles, which defend the historicity of the Old Testament texts and deal with the difficult issue of Israel’s war with the Canaanites.

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“McAtheism” Roundup

Updated: 30th August 2013

Our article “Dawkins, Krauss, Craig and a Difficult Week for McAtheism” seems to have been vindicated by the comment of Dr. Rachael Kohn, moderator of the discussion between Krauss and Craig at Sydney

I do feel that publically presenting a dialogue, which is an exchange of ideas for the purpose of edification, must abide by some ground rules.

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