10 Quick Thoughts for New Atheists

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1)      If faith means trusting God, and if we can have good reason to trust a person, then it is possible to have good reasons for faith in God!

2)      It is inconsistent to demand evidence for all of one’s beliefs, and then discuss the meaning of faith while ignoring the bulk of Paul, Augustine, Aquinas, Calvin, Locke, Reid, and the Wesleys!

3)      It is inconsistent to demand evidence for all of one’s beliefs, and then assert that the historical evidence for Jesus’ existence is less than compelling!

4)       It is simpler to believe that human nature is capable of perverting any ideology to violent ends, than to believe that there is something intrinsically dangerous about religion!

5)      Science might provide the best way to explain physical events, but it does not follow that science can explain everything!

6)      Science might explain physical events, but that doesn’t mean that only physical things exist!

7)      Science might explain physical events, but that does not mean it explains why an ordered physical world exists!

8)      Science might provide some measure of well-being, but it cannot show why I have an obligation to help others!

9)      Science might explain why we feel as if there are moral facts, but that does not tell us if there really are moral facts!

10)  If my worldview can explain facts that yours cannot, then these facts count as evidence for my worldview over yours.

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