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Secularism and the Nature of Evil

Each generation has a different nightmare and each nightmare reveals something about that generation. Giant ants and radioactive dinosaurs made audiences scream in the 1950s; a few decades later,The Beast from 20000 Fathoms and Them would seem quaintly comical. Radioactive monstrosities would be replaced by invincible serial killers in the 1980s; psychopaths in Halloween masks would later be parodied by the Scream franchise.

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The Walking Dead and Eternal Life

The era of Western supremacy is drawing to an end as the colossal economies of China and India become as technologically advanced as Europe and America . Little wonder, then, that our appetite for apocalyptic fiction is growing. However, it is more than a little surprising to discover that end-times fiction has given an old B-Movie star – the zombie –a new lease of life.

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