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Desperation and the Luxury of Doubt: Lessons from Job

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When God wishes to increase our suffering he sends us theologians.

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Desiring God: 10 Quick Points About Our Need for God

1) Various features of the universe constitute the evidence and the question is whether God’s existence would help us make more sense of this evidence than alternative viewpoints. In particular, in comparing Christian theism with atheism, does the existence of God provide a better explanation of the evidence than the view that physical reality is all there is?

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Apathy is a common attitude towards belief in God. In fact, there’s even a term for it: apatheism. Some apatheists are also atheists, others are agnostics, but some don’t have any view on whether or not there is a God. What they share in common is that they don’t care as they think God is irrelevant to their lives.

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Reason, Meaning and the Cross

Sooner or later, we all have to face the problem of significance: we all try to find meaning in our lives. While it is fashionable to deny that life has a meaning it is quite difficult to live as if life was pointless.

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