I Think – Therefore I Phone?

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The fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye

OK. So I like Apple – computers, that is. I use Apple products, they work and I like the design: the sleek aluminium, the ‘Space Grey’ and ‘Silver’ and ‘Gold’… I know, get over yourself!

I’ve liked Apple products (or simply ‘computers’ as they were back then) since I began using them in the late 1980’s; indeed I was very disappointed when one of the authorities I worked for changed their computing platform from AppleOS to Windows. I even had to find a way of making my Apple docs compatible with Windows, and on a floppy disc at that!

So, I like Apple.

But I’m writing this (and I’ve been prompted to write by it) while watching the live Apple Special Event. And I’m wondering if the whole thing hasn’t gone too far. Not the technology, but the materialistic idolatry. This is what I mean:

Apple October Event 2014

It’s opening sequence of the Apple special event that you need to watch, the first 2 minutes.

The growing expectation.
The emotional energy.
The driving trance-like music.
The celebration.
The exuberance.
The adulation.
The group-think.
Conformity expressed as Individualism.
The awe.
The emphasis on self and an icon.

And no, it isn’t an evangelical worship service…

It’s the parousia of a phone!

It’s a phone for goodness sake – get over it.

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