Around the Web: What You Might Have Missed #2

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Every Christian leader in Northern Ireland should now be aware of Apologetics315 (and if you’re not, get it on your “favourites” bar.) However, “The Poached Egg” isn’t so well known in Ulster. It’s an excellent source for information and articles; here the Egg explains why apologetics is biblical and urgent. 

Make sure to check out our responses to zombiesabortion, and the Big Bang.

J Warner Wallace is a detective currently working cold case homicides. His brilliant “Cold Case Christianity” serves as a convincing defence of the faith and as an engaging introduction to critical thinking. He writes articles for please convince me, where he shares his experience and insight.  Consider this piece on how ordinary evidence can convince us of an extraordinary crime. 

How should Christians think about Islam? Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God “in Spirit and in Truth”? First Things gives substantial answers to those questions here and here.

Why do young people give up on the Church? Only a fool would suggest that their is one, simple answer to that question. However, Christian social scientist Bradley Wright has found evidence that many young people walk away because Churches will not address their doubts.

Atheist, philosopher and scientist Raymond Tallis insists that there are many questions that science can’t answer.  So at least one humanist is prepared to part company with New Atheism!

Christian testimonies can provide a powerful and engaging defence of the faith. Here Os Guiness discusses his faith with Justin Brierly, explaining why he is not a Hindu or Humanist, and how to handle disagreement in a secular world

I’ll make no apology for drawing attention to Rosaria Butterfield’s story once again. She has surprising, and challenging, advice for evangelists.




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