At Last: A Thoughtful Film on Forgiveness and Politics

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Those interested in “cultural apologetics” might want to take a look at the articles in our new “Saints and Culture Vultures” section. But anyone interested in evil and forgiveness should keep an eye out for the film “A Step Too Far?”, which will be available soon through Amazon.

(If you live in Ireland, you might want to make the journey to
“A Step Too Far Forgiveness Conference” 20th – 23rd November 2013, a three day conference, which will feature many of the experts interviewed in the film. The film will be previewed at Craigavon Civic Centre, this Thursday 10th October, at 8pm.)

It is a thought provoking documentary, unpacking the Christian concept of forgiveness through the thinking of Anabaptist communities. It includes insights from Donald B. Kraybill a prolific author, lecturer, and educator on Anabaptism; David Weaver-Zercher, Chair of the Department of Biblical and Religious Studies at Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania; and Professor Caleb Miller of Messiah College.
It also tells unforgettable stories of those who have experienced and practiced this doctrine of forgiveness. What emerges is a vision of forgiveness as a virtue, a way of life. This film challenges Christian complacency about forgiveness and secularism’s lazy assumption that Christianity has nothing to offer the public square.

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