A Reading List for Discerning Dawkinsians

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“Seldom was there a dog who praised his fleas,” ought to express how Christian academics feel about Richard Dawkins. Still, many have responded to The God Delusion out of courtesy. In my view, Richard Swinburne’s writings present the strongest, and most relevant, academic challenge to Dawkins’ atheism. Instead of responding to Swinburne’s work with detailed counterarguments, Dawkins has contented himself to egregious misunderstandings and infantile distortions of Swinburne’s rigorous, detailed and logical arguments.

Why Hume and Kant were mistaken in rejecting natural theology (Pages 3, 9-10)

God as the Simplest Explanation of the Universe
(Pages 14&15 are especially relevant to Dawkins Ultimate 747 Gambit)

Other academic responses can be found at these links.

William Lane Craig: “The New Atheism and Five Arguments for God” 

Greg Ganssle: Dawkins’s Best Argument”

David Glass: “Darwin, Design and Dawkins’ Dilemma”

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