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Around the Web#7: Abortion

Irish politician Lucinda Creighton made a powerful case against abortion on 1st July 2013. The full text of the speech can be read here. Creighton warns of the corrosive power of “group-think”:

It seems that if you do not succumb to the accepted view that abortion is a “liberal issue”, a “women’s rights issue”, a cornerstone of the “progressive agenda”, then you are deemed to be a backward, illiberal, Neanderthal fundamentalist who belongs to a different era.

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The Humanity of Innocents

Once you were an unborn child. Your share that child’s lungs, heart and brain . Even before your organs developed you were completely human; from your first moment all the information for an adult body was etched into your flesh.  When you had no personality to speak of you were the same personal being because with care and nurture you would inevitably manifest emotion, freedom and reason. To state the obvious: you and that child were and are the same human being.

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