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Why It’s OK to #PraytoEndAbortion

Now and then, #PraytoEndAbortion trends on Twitter. Unsurprisingly, most of the comments are unreservedly hostile. Among some of the printable tweets are:

Why do we always have to include religion?!”,

“Yes, please #PraytoEndAbortion. That way it will continue, like everything else anyone has ever used prayer to solve”,

“Religious, holier-than-thou, judgmental bigots: objectifying the subjective for 2000-odd years.

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A Brief Defence of the Unborn Child

Criticising her government’s stance on abortion, Irish politician Lucinda Creighton warned of the corrosive power of “group-think”

It seems that if you do not succumb to the accepted view that abortion is a “liberal issue”, a “women’s rights issue”, a cornerstone of the “progressive agenda”, then you are deemed to be a backward, illiberal, Neanderthal fundamentalist who belongs to a different era.

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