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Design in Biology and Physics

This is a lecture I gave at the conference Design in Nature? Scientific and Philosophical Perspectives, which took place at Hughes Hall, Cambridge on 14th July, 2012. I discuss the notion of explaining away and argue that there is no good reason to think that design has been explained away either in physics or biology.

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The Case for the Resurrection

To begin, we must be entirely clear on what the case for the Resurrection is not. No one is arguing that some historically reliable documents report a resurrection, and that we should therefore believe that a resurrection occurred. Rather, the historical method is used to establish certain facts, and a miracle is inferred as the best explanation of those facts.

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There’s Probably No God – a response to Richard Dawkins

In his best-selling book The God Delusion (TGD)[1], Richard Dawkins claims that belief in God is not only mistaken but irrational, especially in the light of modern science. He criticises belief in God from many angles, but in what he considers to be the central argument of his book, he claims to have shown that ‘God almost certainly does not exist’ (TGD, p.

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God and Agent Explanations: A Guide for the Perplexed

“Why believe that there is a God at all? My answer is that to suppose that there is a God explains why there is a physical universe at all; why there are the scientific laws there are; why animals and then human beings have evolved; why humans have the opportunity to mould their characters and those of their fellow humans for good or ill and to change the environment in which we live; why we have the well-authenticated account of Christ‟s life, death and resurrection; why throughout the centuries millions of people (other than ourselves) have had the apparent experience of being in touch with an guided by God, and so much else.

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The Evidence for God: The Universe

Lawrence Krauss caused quite a stir with his claim that physics – and, in particular, his book A Universe from Nothing – could explain why the universe exists. In his afterword Richard Dawkins claims that Krauss has torn up ” the last remaining trump card of the theologian, ‘Why is there something rather than nothing?” This is sometimes referred to as the “cosmological argument”; and it is worth evaluating because thinkers from Plato to Leibniz , from Wittgenstein to Sartre to Weinberg have all wondered why there is something rather than nothing.

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